March 22, 2018

Conservative Republican Robert Sprague has earned the endorsement of Ohio Right to Life PAC in his campaign for Ohio Treasurer.  As a member of the Ohio General Assembly, Sprague has been a staunch defender of life and has a proven record of voting for laws that strengthen the rights of the unborn.  Now, in his first campaign for statewide office, Sprague is the only Republican candidate for Treasurer to receive the support of Ohio’s foremost pro-life advocacy group.

“Robert Sprague has been a trusted friend of the pro-life movement during his time at the Statehouse and played an instrumental role in helping us achieve historic legislative victories for life.  We need leaders like Robert Sprague at the state level who will never stop fighting for our most vulnerable Ohioans,” said Mike Gonidakis on behalf of the Ohio Right to Life PAC.

Further establishing Robert Sprague as the clear choice for pro-life voters, Cincinnati Right to Life PAC also announced this week their sole endorsement of Sprague for Ohio Treasurer.

“Representative Sprague works to learn, know, and support principles of human life protections from earliest beginnings to end of life,” said Paula Westwood, Executive Director of Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati.  “Whatever the office, whatever the level of government, a public official who recognizes the right to life for every human being, is most likely to care for and further Ohioans’ needs in other socio-economic areas.”

In addition to Sprague’s distinguished pro-life voting record and unwavering position on matters of life, those who know Sprague best are proud to support his candidacy because they know he is a true champion of the pro-life cause.

“Every non-profit organization is grateful for the friends that faithfully support its mission,” said Laurie Turnow, Executive Director of the Women’s Resource Center of Hancock County.  “Robert Sprague is one of these special friends. He shares our view that life should be affirmed in every circumstance and he appreciates that we provide services for young families (including the unborn) and teens in our community. Robert’s heart is evident through his actions which show he is pro-life at his core. We are so thankful for him!”