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Stronger Conservative Leadership

Holding STRONG Against Big Government

Robert Sprague was named one of Ohio’s strongest conservatives and given a top-rating by the American Conservative Union. He’s stood between big government and us by voting to defund Planned Parenthood, protecting the sanctity of human life and upholding our 2nd Amendment rights.

Building a STRONGER Economy


Robert Sprague is a true fiscal conservative. He’s balanced budgets and cut taxes by nearly $4 billion while fighting to bring back good-paying jobs and move Ohio forward.


Fighting for a STRONGER Future for All

Robert Sprague is helping those battling drug addictions and stopping the flow of heroin into our communities. He’s working to make treatment accessible and has an innovative plan to bring private investment into the fight against this deadly epidemic.

Standing STRONG With Allies in the War on Terror

Robert Sprague will help keep America safe by providing strategic support to key allies like Israel who are on the front lines in the fight against radical terror.

robert sprague watchdog of the treasury

Robert Sprague was awarded the Watchdog of the Treasury Award in 2012 by the United Conservatives of Ohio.

Stand Up for a Fiscally Conservative Treasurer for Ohio

Pride in Family

robert sprague and family

Respect for Ohio’s Workers

robert sprague with ohio manufacturing worker

Pride in Country

Pride in His Country

Honored to Serve Ohio

robert sprague swearing in at house of reps